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  1. How Do You Decide?
    Hi all!! Im sorry I know theres already a lot of stuff on this but I keep getting lost in the Threads and I cant seem to find a clear answer. Im a new mom and I just want my little girl to be safe, I don't care who yells at me for making a choice that will protect my daughter. I had been...
  2. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    For several reasons I have been co sleeping since day one. Now she has hit one and my bed is crowded. She rolls, kicks, etc. Sharing a bed is no longer easy. She likes to use breast milk as her fall asleep tool. Even with using that she will cry until she passes out with me holding her...
  3. Queer Parenting
    I am 21 years old and I have always known that I didn't identify myself as a girl. At all really. But at the same time I have always wanted a baby and I have always wanted to get pregnant. I have been planning a single pregnancy since I was fifteen and I think that 2015 will be my year. I am not...
1-3 of 4 Results