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  1. Green Goods
    "Neighborhood" retailer Trader Joe's has announced their company will be taking steps to cut back in plastic and packaging waste, thanks to a Greenpeace petition that let the company know consumers wanted change. We love Trader Joe's for so many reasons. But, while we love their commitment to...
  2. Toddler & Child
    November 15th is America Recycles Day, a day where Americans focus on how they can make even bigger differences for the good of our communities and our earth. Here are some of our favorite ways your family can celebrate America Recycles Day. When our family started recycling everything we...
  3. Family Life
    Back-to-school shopping can cost big bucks, particularly if there's more than one student in your household. Here's how families can save money (and the planet) on back-to-school shopping. It's that time of year - where it seems like we don't know where the summer went, and we are already...
  4. Toddler & Child
    Halloween is almost here, and there are lots of fun crafts to be made that use recycled materials! No need to buy all those things lining the aisles; here's Halloween fun for the whole family, and for Mama Nature. Halloween is so much fun in our house, but a big part of it is the craft-making...
  5. Reuse & Recycle
    Hello all, I am a graduate student at Philadelphia University and am hoping that you can assist me with some feedback for my capstone project. I am trying to gain some insight on my topic of an upcycled children's clothing line with a quick 20 questions survey. All participation is greatly...
  6. Reuse & Recycle
    I am one of those people that washes out her plastic bags and uses them again. However, I have never found a way to keep them sorted and organized in a way that feels good or helpful. Anyone thoughts? What works for you?
1-6 of 6 Results