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  1. Pregnancy & Birth
    I tell my prenatal clients that the second trimester is the Glory Trimester. It truly is the best of the bunch. The onslaught of pregnancy symptoms from the first trimester has simmered down and you're not yet so big that it's uncomfortable and tough to move. You're also starting to look...
  2. Dental
    Can I whiten my teeth in second trimester? There are severe stains on my teeth because of the medicines I'm using. My younger sister's marriage is on May 14th and everyone is preparing for it. I'm planning on getting teeth whitening service from Appleton Dental clinic in Whitby. But before...
  3. June 2015 Due Date Club
    I am so obsessed with food!!! First trimester, it was McDonald's and now I must have healthy, sensual, beautiful food. I am not even a very good cook, but I am so enjoying (especially since I'm on vacation from work for two weeks) preparing and eating wonderful food and adding to a food...
1-3 of 3 Results