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  1. Preteens and Teens
    Cross posted in mental health My 12 yr old has phobias. Here is a list: fish butterflies/moths caves The last 2 are not life altering, but the fish one is a bit. She will not swim in lakes, rivers, oceans...she will not go on boats - she may come into contact with fish. It is sad - we...
  2. Preteens and Teens
    What are your thoughts on teens and body modification? I have a 16 year old, 17 in the fall. She wants to dye her hair blue. I said fine, but let me get the family portraits done first. She wants to get facial piercings (nose, eyebrow, has mentioned tongue). She also wants to stretch her ears...
  3. Preteens and Teens
    Great article in the Wall Street Journal asks why do we let our girls dress that way? I think we all struggle with variations on some of these questions.
  4. Preteens and Teens
    Here's the backstory. My daughter is 13 and she joined a recrerational swin team over the summer, and fell in love with the sport. She met the 17yr old high school guy through swimming. He helps out with their team, which was great. Now, they text message all the time and always chat on her...
1-5 of 5 Results