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  1. Parenting the Gifted Child
    So, I know toddlers are supposed to want to read the same books over and over again as part of their literacy development but apparently DD (26 months) doesn't. She is insisting on only reading 'new books.' She has been for awhile but we would go to the library once a week and she was content...
  2. Special Needs Parenting
    Hello, I'm Bonnie, I have one 3 year old DS and another (boy) on the way. I am new to the special needs section of Mothering. My son was exhibiting some sensory problems, so I brought him to the ped. I wanted to get it checked out. It surprised me when she told us he may be on the spectrum -...
  3. Special Needs Parenting
    I don't want to be offensive....but I never thought I'd have to post here. However, I was posting on another page about my son's sleep issues and a local friend suggested SPD. She said that his tendency to "bolt awake" when he gets sleepy caught her eye. So, I looked at the symptoms page...He...
1-3 of 3 Results