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  1. Breastfeeding
    Hi! So I have a 1 month old baby boy and am breastfeeding. He caught on pretty much right away but I have a very forceful let down. Too much for his little digestive system to handle. I have been reading some on foremilk and hindmilk...and making sure baby gets enough of the fattier milk. He...
  2. Fertility
    It's been two weeks since the the possible date of conception, and I'm really confused on whether i may be pregnant or not. I felt really nauseous in the first week just didn't find any food appealing what so ever and constantly felt like to vomit but it just turned into a burp, I've gotten my...
  3. Infertility
    Hello my name is shae.i been ttc for the past 2 years STILL nothing.I dont know if i can O on my on.i Recently found out i had chlamydia got cured CLEAN.i also dont know if my tubes was damaged or scarred.i have molina healthcare which doesnt cover INFERTILITY.But i do not know whats wrong.
  4. Trying To Conceive
    Hi! I hope I can ask this question in such a way that makes sense... I have been TTC since March and had a failed IVF in July/August. We have continued trying naturally. So, every cycle, I temp and OPK. My cycles are usually 26 days (O around CD15, 10-11 day Luteal phase). This cycle I didn't...
  5. Nutrition and Good Eating
    I am a pediatrician who takes care of many overweight children. I am disturbed by the effects of sports drinks, energy drinks, and soda on these children. The products are legal but very harmful to children in my opinion. What do you think is the best way for parents to counter the "consume...
  6. I'm Pregnant
    I am doing preliminary survey research to find a link between ultrasound and autism, preterm labor and other birth defects. I am looking specifically for women who have not had ultrasound to take the survey (I can find many who have had ultrasound) although I am welcoming all mothers to take it...
1-6 of 81 Results