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  1. Baby
    Photographer, Grace Elizabeth, is the talent behind the Gold Dust Project, a series of beautiful photos that promote positive body image by celebrating the pregnant and postpartum body (and the scars that come along with it). Originally featured on, the Gold Dust Project...
  2. I'm Pregnant
    Hi ladies, I've been using a lovely unrefined shea butter all over my body for a long time now and have continued through my 9 weeks of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and keep my skin hydrated. I'm now concerned absorbing the vitamin A that is naturally found in the lotion. Any ones...
  3. Women's Health
    If you don't mind them then keep them. For others, stretch marks will lighten and fade. You just have to be consistent and patient with the cream that you are using. After all three of my pregnancies I received stretch marks. I got good results with Excel Skin Care's premium stretch mark...
1-3 of 3 Results