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  1. Infertility
    Hi everyone! My name is Silje, I am from Sweden! Nice to meet you all. I am a new member of this community, so I guess I should post a brief introduction! I am 38 yo, diagnosed with MRKH at the age of 19. Long story short, I was not getting my period and was really worried about my health...
  2. Pregnancy & Birth
    Actress Gabrielle Union has been all over the news as she's shared her new baby and the long journey she's been on to get there. The basis of her fertility problem? Adenomyosis. What is adenomyosis, and how can it affect your motherhood journey? Gabrielle Union's sweet miracle baby Kaavia James...
  3. Infertility
    The beginning of such a story you've probably already read a million times. I got married at 28 and my husband and I really wanted to have a baby. We had countless and unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant naturally ... Then, almost three years of spent time and money: going to clinics and...
1-3 of 7 Results