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  1. The Childhood Years
    If you are a parent then you are eligible to take part in this short survey looking at what age we all learned to ride a bike and who do we share those special memories with. With more and more children becoming tech-friendly from a younger age, the number of people who actually know how to...
  2. Fitness and Weight Management
    I'm currently trying to collect some data around what age we learn to ride bikes. With more and more children becoming tech-friendly from a younger age, the number of people who know how to learn to ride a bike is lowered. I want to put together a helpful piece on how we can help our children...
  3. Breastfeeding
    Hello! My name is McKenzie, and I'm a student at Arizona State University. I am doing an internship with an incredible organization called Be Her Village as part of a class this semester. Be Her Village is an organization that helps new mothers create registries requesting services that they...
  4. Breastfeeding
    I work for a startup company that's developing a rapid at-home device that can test breastmilk for tons of things, including COVID antibodies. Would anyone be interested in taking a survey to help them understand what REAL mothers want from this device? Link:
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello mothers! I am an expecting mother working on my master's psychology project. Can you please help me out by answering this short 1-2 min survey! Much appreciated :smile:
  6. UK
    If you are a parent of a child aged 12-17 then you are eligible to take part in this short survey looking at parental characteristics and how they effect parenting. This survey will take about 10-15 minutes and is part of a research project being done by a small group of psychology students at...
  7. Children's Clothing
    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but i'm a student researching into luxury children's clothing, and accessories for my dissertation. I wanted to get some real mummies opinions on luxury kidswear. Is it something you aspire for? Do you find it a waste of money? Are...
  8. Baby
    Have any of your little ones suffered from infant colic? If so, we need your help. One of our partners is looking for some feedback about methods you have used to treat or calm your colicky baby. The Colic Treatments Survey consists of just four questions and will take just a couple of minutes...
  9. Parenting
    Hi mums! I'm completing a project and need responses from real mums, if you could give one piece of advice on motherhood for new mums? If you would like to be quoted please leave your name and location (nothing that can identify your exact address) Any responses would be much appreciated :)
  10. Preteens and Teens
    I am a student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology working on earning my doctoral degree in clinical psychology. I am currently conducting research for my dissertation and am asking for your help! If you are the mother of a daughter between the ages of 10-13, you are eligible to...
  11. Life With a Baby
    Hi Everyone. I am currently doing a uni assignment about the worries you have at night about your baby. I would really appreciate it if you fill out a short survey that will take two minutes to help me with this. Thanks in advance!
  12. Reuse & Recycle
    Hello all, I am a graduate student at Philadelphia University and am hoping that you can assist me with some feedback for my capstone project. I am trying to gain some insight on my topic of an upcycled children's clothing line with a quick 20 questions survey. All participation is greatly...
  13. Working and Student Parents
    Hello everyone!, I'm a high school student from Freeman Catholic College in Australia studying the the multiple role expectations of working mothers and how it affects their wellbeing. I am writing to enquire if any members would be willing to participate in a survey. The requirement would be...
1-13 of 28 Results