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  1. Toddler & Child
    The end of the school year rapidly approaches; have you thought of the perfect teacher gift yet? Check out these six gifts appropriate for any K-12 teacher. 1. Write a Personal Note The demands of modern life leave many of us so busy we often forget that a note of acknowledgment can go a long...
  2. Toddler & Child
    Teachers have chosen to dedicate their professional lives to equipping our kids with the tools and skills to succeed in life. But, despite the hours every week that they spend with our children, teachers and parents are like two ships in the night, only meeting occasionally to discuss report...
  3. Judy Arnall
    Hello, my son will be 5 in a day or so, and just started kindergarten. We have received a letter from my son's teacher describing some behavioral issues, and we have some questions and disagreements. Please help if you can. 1) Basically the 2nd day of school, the teacher wanted all children to...
  4. Midwives
    Hello! I am an aspiring midwife who is currently searching for a preceptor to guide me! I am planning on beginning my courses at the National College of Midwifery this September. I live in Vancouver, Washington but I would like to study and become licensed in Oregon. I have known that I wanted...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone! I'm new to I'm a newlywed teacher and Barefoot Books Ambassador and my husband and I have been trying for the past couple of months. Looking forward to connecting with others trying to conceive. Dianabarefoot-
1-5 of 6 Results