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  1. Preteens and Teens
    Hi parents of teens! Happy New Year to you all! For my dissertation, my professor and I have created an online survey for parents of teenagers ages 12-18. Purpose: To gain more insight on the relationship between adolescents’ sleep patterns, dietary habits, physical activity, screen time...
  2. Preteens and Teens
    In a spasm of panic I posted things I do not want shared any longer. Thank you for the replies.
  3. Preteens and Teens
    Ca anybody help me, i brought up my children all bymyself for 17 years, my youngest who is 16 has gone to live with his father. Previously he had only seen him about total of 2 months in 17 years, now he wont talk to me. i text him about monthly how are you, but he rarely replies. do i just...
  4. Preteens and Teens
    This thread is a spin-off from this thread, and was discussed further in this thread. I'm hoping we can have a discussion that doesn't deteriorate into inflammatory commentary and/or personal attacks, and I'll be watching as closely as I can to ensure that that doesn't happen. However, since I'm...
1-5 of 5 Results