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  1. Unassisted Childbirth
    I'm tentatively planning a (controversial) UC in August (my last three home births were fantastic but I had bleeding issues after each one, so my family and husband are not at all supportive of going without a midwife). I've been anemic throughout my other pregnancies and I'm trying some extra...
  2. Fertility
    I bought a pack of Clearblue Plus tests, and I can see the faintest line. Am I the only one who sees the faint line? The first photo is unedited. I edited the contrast and I think brightness in the second photo to see if I could see the line a bit better.
  3. Fertility
    I took 2 First Response Rapid Result tests. They look negative and keep in mind that my room has bad lighting, but when I hold them up to the light (iPhone's flashlight, lamp, etc), I can see a line. Am I seeing an evap line or is this a faint line?
1-3 of 3 Results