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  1. Gentle Discipline
    I'm begging for help. Please... I don't know what to do. I have an 8 yo ds who has these meltdowns... I've tried everything I can think of to help, but nothing is working. I'll tell you about today. We do quiet time in the afternoon -- all 4 kids go to different areas to sleep or play...
  2. Gentle Discipline
    Most recent update on post #32.---- Before I go into what I hope to be a brief story.. I am hoping to hear from parents who have not always been the gentle discipline type, but managed to change to it with or with out difficulty. My purpose in hearing from these types of parents is because I...
  3. The Childhood Years
    He's always been "high needs" or "spirited", always been physical, but lately at preschool he's forgetting about how to interact with his friends. He wants to play rough, even when they don't. He doesn't seen to hear me, the teachers or the other kids asking him to stop. He often bops his baby...
1-3 of 3 Results