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  1. Stay at Home Parents
    That just about says it all. My DS is 4 1/2, DD 2 and I want to homeschool but I barely feel like I have enough time to do every day chores let a line fitting schooling time into the day. I'm still teaching both of my children to take care of themselves, clean up after themselves and help with...
  2. Parenting
    Non-vaxing, non-circ'ing, natural birthing... homeschooling. Right? That's the way I see it most of the time! But I'm curious and looking for input from those who are fairly countercultural but still choose public school. And what do you do to keep your kids thinking outside-the-box and...
  3. Learning at School
    Just wondering if this is even an option. I don't want DS to miss out on the social aspects of public school - he really has a desire to ride the school bus right now I also want him to go to school with the kids in his neighborhood, experience the lunch room, recess, and all that kind of...
1-3 of 3 Results