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  1. Mental Health
    Hi, I hope I'm within the rules for posting. I am a Dad and Psychotherapist and have been working with the emerging view of Mental Health (multiplicity) for about 15 years. A group of colleagues and I have found it has transformed our parenting and so have made a number of free video resources...
  2. Baby
    My therapist peers intently at me, her eyes full of sadness and yet encouragement as I pour out my heart on losing yet another baby - my three-week-old son. I'm fully immersed by my grief in all areas of my life - my mothering, my marriage, my mental health, and my postpartum body. She says...
  3. Special Needs Parenting
    Hi I'm a Speech Therapist and have made some programs to help parents work on common speech and phonological process errors at home. They are free to download at I'm hoping to get feedback on my site - its new. Let me know what you think. Hope they help. Thanks
  4. NICU & Preemie Parenting
    Hi ladies! I am looking for a preemie friendly pediatrician for our daughter. She is 15 months adjusted. Our doctor keeps pushing me to get her into therapies, we do not agree (mostly husband). Do you know of any pediatricians in the south suburbs of Chicago (Oak Lawn) who let preemies develop...
  5. Washington, Oregon, Idaho
    I'm hoping someone has recommendations for a speech pathologist near Vancouver (WA) for my 7 year old daughter. (Stuttering) I am hoping to not have to go to PDX, especially if appointments are frequent. Anyone have advice for me?:grin:
  6. Mental Health
    I have a strong sense that I have Avoidant Personality Disorder and depression. The therapists around here range from 120-150$ with no sliding scales and we lost a very good and cheap insurance to boot. Everything feels like it's coming to head with my mental state and marriage that I need to...
1-6 of 6 Results