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  1. Pregnancy & Birth
    January is thyroid awareness month. Sport a blue paisley ribbon or your best paisley scarf to bring attention to this important gland. The butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck may be small, but the role that the thyroid plays in the body is enormous. Thyroid gland disorders...
  2. Infertility
    Last year I had basic blood work done, and my TSH was 1.59. Been through all the basic tests/ procedures and still no diagnosis other than hubby's sperm count is a little low. To me, that does not explain 8 years infertility & only 1 pregnancy (which ended in m/c). Doc is ready to move on to...
  3. Family Planning
    Does anyone have a thyroid condition but is also using NFP? I have a chronic thyroid condition that is very stable, and want to try NFP, but am nervous that my thyroid condition may make it difficult/unreliable. As I am trying to prevent getting pregnant and really dont want to take a chance...
1-3 of 3 Results