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  1. Family Life
    Any homeschooling parent will tell you that the options for curriculum are somewhat endless. You can search online, ask in homeschooling groups on Facebook, and even do your research on Pinterest and you will come up with several opinions on which is the "best" method of homeschooling. In the...
  2. Unschooling
    Can anyone talk to me about unschooling in Seattle / the PNW in general? What do you love? What's challenging? Is there a lot of support for unschooling? Are there a lot of things to do? I've read that unschooling is very mainstream and accepted in the PNW, so I'm drawn to the relocation...
  3. Unschooling
    Anyone in the Nashville area? We're considering a move to Franklin/ Leiper's Fork (and contemplating another offer in the Seattle area). Are there many unschoolers around Franklin? I love how nice everyone seemed when we visited, but I got the impression that most families were very involved...
1-3 of 3 Results