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  1. Family Life
    Utah made headlines this year by becoming the first state to explicitly legalize "free range parenting," a philosophy that believes children should be given freedom to navigate the world on their own without parental supervision. Like many people in my generation, I have fond memories of...
  2. Family Life
    A landmark bill in Utah makes it the first state to legalize 'free-range parenting.' This means that parents will not face neglect charges for allowing their children to participate in activities without supervision. It almost seems surreal that 'free-range' parenting is something that needed...
  3. Utah, Arizona
    Anyone know of LGBTQ+ friendly midwives in the SLC area? Specifically for either homebirth or non-hospital birth centers? By friendly we mean someone who is not just “tolerant”, but genuinely accepting and loving of members of the community. TIA!
1-3 of 3 Results