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  1. Maryland, Metro D.C. Area, Delaware
    Hi. I am in a holding pattern with my kids' pediatrician. Their practice initially decided to not allow unvaccinated patients to stay with their practice but then they realized they'd lose a lot of patients and decided to just change to not accepting any further patients who don't vaccinate. My...
  2. Resources
    Hello everyone! My name is Johanna currently a high school student. I joined this group as an effort to learn more about the anti-vaccination community, and the reasoning behind the choices we make. I am conducting a study at the moment with the purpose to further look into the reasoning on why...
  3. Green Goods
    With all the hype surrounding the annual influenza vaccination, it can be hard to figure out if the flu shot is what's right for you and your family. This list of pros and cons might help. I was never one to get a flu shot, or any shot for that matter, if I could help it...until I experienced...
  4. Baby
    There are many assumptions about attachment parenting. However, like most parenting philosophies, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Attachment parenting, a term coined by Dr. Sears, is a child-centered parenting approach that is said to promote a secure bond between parents and their...
  5. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    Hey Ladies, I am a first time mom and having my labor done at Mount Auburn Birth Center in Cambridge. I am planning on not vaccinating my baby until he's 2 or not doing it at all. Does anyone know of a pediatrician in MA, possibly near Cambridge, who will work with us? I appreciate your help...
  6. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    I am due in late October with my first baby and am moving to Beverly. My husband and I are looking for a pediatrician with holistic and alternative approaches who is also supportive of delayed vaccinations. Any recommendations would be lovely!
  7. Baby
    I recently read that the two senators in my home state of California will be pushing a bill forward removing vaccine exemptions for children. This will essentially mandate vaccinations for children to enter public school. Frankly, I am horrified. I try not to be riled up by stuff like this, but...
1-7 of 500 Results