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  1. Family Life
    Most women don't give their lady parts enough love and appreciation, so to honor our womanhood, Mothering has decided to pay a tribute to our fabulous vajayjays! What better way to show pride than with these gorgeous hand-embroidered vulvas? We love supporting small, ethical businesses doing...
  2. Green Goods
    After writing several articles about things you shouldn't put anywhere near your vagina, I finally have something in the 'yay for your vajay' camp. Owners of vaginas: meet Mae and Cleo, moisturisers for your vagina and labia. Although we seem to be getting better with talking about vaginas as...
  3. Child & Teen Health
    Hi, I'm seventeen. Somehow I scratched my down there, I don't even know how. I left it alone and thought it had healed but I went to the bathroom and wiped with a tissue and noticed blood. On top of this I can't even pee without it burning like hell. Please will someone help me and advise me...
1-3 of 3 Results