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  1. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    hi, yall. New there and to the region I’m in. I need to find a doctor (who sees adults to please) who does medical Vax exempt letters. I’m open to all types of Dr’s. MD, holistic, chiro, special services, etc
  2. Missouri, Illinois, Iowa
    Hi all! I was hoping some of you may have had some luck finding VAX friendly doctors near St. Louis, MO, on the Illinois side of the river preferably. I live about 30 minutes west of STL and the family doctor my husband has been seeing since he was a baby has begun "scare-mongering" us into...
  3. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    I am expecting my first - and my holistic, perfect family doctor and pediatrician we had lined up is retiring. We will not be vaccinating our little one. Does anyone have any recommendations for good pediatricians in Northern Michigan?
1-3 of 3 Results