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  1. Meal Planning
    12 months ago, I was fortunate to get a promotion at work. The new responsibility came with a new work schedule of 9 hour shifts, 5 days a week. Suddenly I was at work a lot more than I was in my previous role. At first it was great because one of the perks was getting free lunches each day I...
  2. Work from Home Parents
    Hey everyone! I hope all is well :) So I am going to be a first time dad here around June 11th and I wanted some honest opinions from all you moms and dads. I am a self employed photographer and after moving this past year, it's been hard finding new clients. I was recently contacted by a...
  3. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
    Hey all! I'm an AP, babywearing nanny looking for a job in Harrisburg, PA or the surrounding area (Camp Hill, Grantham, or Dillsburg would be fabulous, as well). I have tons of experience nannying and baby sitting, I love babies and kids, and I use attachment/natural childcare. I babywear and...
1-3 of 13 Results