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  1. Fertility
    Hi! I recently started taking a new birth control pill last month and I started to experience, what I believe to be, breakthrough bleeding due to my body adjusting to the new hormones. The bleeding was light and never filled more than one tampon or pad a day. It lasted for about 3 weeks and...
  2. The Childhood Years
    My childhood is what Mickey, Tom and Jerry, Peter Pan ... And my son's childhood outside Ipad is Frozen, Spiderman, Frozen, Spiderman and The Frozen ... This is the history Ipad, is my child's childhood. It was disappointing: ... Such good really good? I'm a bit worried!
  3. C-section Birth
    Hello I am new and I came across this forum I had a c-section about two weeks ago. My water broke but I never dilated I stayed at 2 for about 7 hours till the doctor came in and said that my son was trying to come out and causing him the have a very rapid heartbeat and suggested c-section. I was...
1-3 of 3 Results