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My friend Ashrayadana das left Ukraine before the start of the war. Together with his wife and friends, they created a Vedic village in the mountains of the Caucasus in which they adhere to the principles of ahimsa.

They live, for the time being, in hastily built dugouts. But, of course, they will build large spacious houses and Vedic temples.

Do not be surprised, please, because they now live in dugouts - it is not very easy to accept and accommodate everyone who wants to settle in the community, especially since there is a military conflict between Ukraine and Russia and refugees can arrive in this region.

But do not even doubt that there will be big bright houses and Vedic temples.

Even now, the Vedic Village is a wonderful place to live. The community is thriving! Now it needs to attract more people and expand. This is a whole way of life - a self-sufficient, original world with cows, fields, gardens, forests and mountains ... Harmony and beauty reign in our country. Maximum freedom from crazy civilization.

In the wild mountains at an altitude of 1700m. The glade on which it is located has a southwestern slope, protected from winds, avalanches and flooding. There is plenty of sun and water, the land is fertile, and natural resources are abundant.

Anyone can live in a village.

You must be a vegetarian, be friendly to Krishnas, Shaivites and other Vedic traditions, observe generally accepted norms of behavior, try to be kind to others and yourself and not criticize anyone.

Community Group Link: ВЕДИЧЕСКАЯ ДЕРЕВНЯ
Publications, so far, only in Russian.
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