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I have several items of girls Janie & Jack, Gap, TCP and other items that are all in EUC and need good homes.
I know there are tons of groups and lots of buyers on eBay..but I am LAZY and in a rush to get them outta here.
I am not wanting to get TONS for them, but cannot afford to just give them away either, since the lil thing that once wore them is now a BIG thing in need of more clothes and diapers!

If interested, please PM and I will get you pics/descriptions
I am working on those to add to this post, but with three kids home and planning to leave this week on a trip... well, it may not all get done!

I will consider trades for: (all in VGC or better)
Med Elbee OC fitteds/pockets
Sm or MEd Luxe T&T OC/OV fitteds
Med short or Med OC BottomBumpers
Med FussyButt OC/OV
Janie & Jack, Gap, Gymboree, TCP and others in sizes 6-24 mos ( girls)
BFL yarn
Merino yarn
wool soaker shorts knit from BFL or Merino
... or you can try me
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