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06/07/05 Still NO baby!

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Well, woke up pregnant again! I was really hoping last night would be it, due to the new moon. Oh well.

It is really wierd, all these hormones. Yesterday, I was tired & weepy. I had had it. Today, I feel rejuvinated, like it is all ok. Baby kept me up from about 2:30-3:40am last night. That has not happened before. She had a gymnastics tournament going on in there, (my son insists it is karoke keeping her in!)

I have a midwife appt today. My Mom will go with me, along with my kids. It is my kids last week in school & it is minimum days now. *sigh* I really wanted this baby before they got out of school. I guess I that will not happen, but it is ok. I will have more "help" now.

Well off to shower & then off to go shopping with my Mom. Maybe she will take me out for a yummy lunch!
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I'm pregnant this morning too. My sister called me yesterday and she is having a hard time with her DH, so she decided to buy a ticket to come up and be with me. She's flying in at 11am. I'm so excited. She'll get to be here with me for my birthday (tomorrow) too. I was kinda bummed because my DH just got a new job and he has to work tomorrow and he's not really that good about birthdays to begin with. I had this feeling like I was going to be sitting at home all day waiting for the baby to come feeling sorry for myself on my b-day. I'm glad it's not going to be that way. Hopefully having my sis here will help keep my mind off things and maybe get things going. She's planning on staying a week...please come this week, baby!!!!
Just perusing...

Keep the faith you two!

Happy Birthday Eagle! I'm glad your sis is coming to stay with you. That is so nice that she can be there for you, esp if you go into labor soon! Just be cautious a bit... I'm sure she would never do this and hopefully her issues with her DH aren't that bad and they just needed a break, but pleeeeease make sure you won't get too caught up or stressed in helping her with her life challenges right now, as stress will only keep that baby inside of you longer!!!!

Love and hugs to you both!
Still here too but I will be taking a cotton root bark tincture tonight...(oxytocin stimulating herb like blue and black cohosh) .. so with any luck I will have a baby by this time tomorrow

My goodness... I guess I was optimistic but I NEVER thought I would be STILL pregnant the second week in June!!!!

Not to be selfish but I am kind of glad a couple of you are still here with me and I don't feel so alone!!
I'm still here too.
: . I really didnt think that I would be pregnant by the 2nd week of June either. But DP did. he says he knew from the begining. I bought some blue cohosh...but took it back.

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Had my midwife appt. It went well. Baby sounds good during her NST's. We did talk cohash. She gave me some tinctures & homeopathy if we want to use it. I am considering it. I am going to talk to Dh about it & then decide.

Originally Posted by captain crunchy
Not to be selfish but I am kind of glad a couple of you are still here with me and I don't feel so alone!!

ME TOO!!!!!!

Hi mamas,

Just wanted to wish you guys luck and encouragement in this time, I can identify... my Ayla was 19 DAYS LATE! Hopefully none of you will have to make it that far. Just keep in mind that your bodies know what they are doing... and so do your babies. They will come when they are ready!! :LOL After all the time Ayla spent in the womb, she came out a strong, bellowing 9 pound baby and was very healthy. If she would have been born on her due date she would have been only about 6-7 pounds.

Everything happens for a reason.

Sending you strength and love mamas, you are warriors.
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