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1 Mom + 1 Dad + 2 Girls + New BABY...

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... makes a family of FIVE!
We just recently found out in the midst of packing and cleaning and getting ready to move to Windsor that we're expecting a new little bundle of joy! New house, new baby... we're very excited. We've only told a couple ppl so far since we want to make the announcement in August after we're settled in the new house and MIL & FIL are back from their July trip to Italy. If we can hold out, we plan to make the announcement at our housewarming party.

And hopefully Juliana won't spill the beans... she figured out from overhearing parts of conversations that there's a new baby whom she insists is a brother.

As soon as I can figure it out, I have to change my SN to show Jellie*Beanie*X3...I hope I can do it!


Juliana 9/17/2000
Grace 11/27/2002

Jellie Bean 2/11/2005
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We just found out we're having our sixth! Also due in February but being realistic and thinking March. We live not too far from Windsor. Would love to hook up once we're settled!
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congratulations jessica! what awesome news!!!
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