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+1 Protein

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Ok, so last Friday (two Friday's ago) my blood pressure was up and there was protein in my urine. Then I went to the doctor the following Monday, Friday and yesterday and no protein and no high blood today I just feel "off" no other way to describe it. My feet turned blue a few times throughout the day, my hands were swollen as well as my face and I had a horrible headache.
So I went to the drugstore and used their little "machine" for check my blood pressure and it was high, so I talked to the pharma. and she said sometimes it can be higher than normal on that machine and mean she suggested I go next door to the doctor (after hours medical clinic) so I do and he takes me blood pressure and says it is a little high, then checks my urine and says it's +1 protien. Now I have no idea what that means but I know it's not good!
So, he's put me on bed rest until I see my own doctor on Friday morning.
My question is how could I see my doctor just yesterday and everything was fine and now it's not?????? Does anyone know about this?
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I don't know, sweetie
But I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Hopefully someone else here can help!

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Hi Lisa,

The sudden swelling doesn't sound promising to me
. My MW says that is a warning sign. Can you eat a whole bunch of protein, eat salt, drink LOTS of water, and take some magnesium supplements? And yes, rest Mamma! Hopefully that will help until you get to see your doctor, take care!
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I just wanted to quickly mention that my midwife said she has seen protein go as high as 100 on the pee stick and everything is still have to take EVERYTHING into consideration. My bp has been between 112/68 and 120/86 but has fluctuated with each visit depending on personal stress, gaining weight etc. I have between trace and 30 in protein, and mild swelling in my hands...everything is still just fine. a lot depends on the trust that your doctor/midwife has in your body. good luck and listen to yourself!

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