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1 y/o changing habits a bit - is this normal?

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My DD will be 1 next week and I've never BF'd a baby this long so I'm not sure what is normal? She *typically* nurses 6x a day plus once or twice overnight. For meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), she nurses first, then has supplemental solids. However, before her morning nap, afternoon nap and bedtime, she has a few finger-foods first then nurses to sleep.

Lately, if she wakes up before the other kids, she's content to nurse awhile then have cereal and/or fruit when the other kids wake up. But if she wakes up AFTER the older kids, she just wants to run with the wild horses. She'll have nothing to do with nursing until she's sleepy at naptime. Yesterday she only nursed 3 times - before each nap and again at bedtime (she nursed twice overnight though). The other times - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - she thought she was a big kid and wanted nothing to do with nursing.

Is this normal for this age? She doesn't have any other liquids except for water in a sippy but she doesn't really get much as she's just learning to use a sippy cup and she's not doing too well. She's never had milk or juice. Just wanted to see what's normal for a 1 year old.
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I think "normal" is a very relative term. Some 1 y/o's nurse like NB's and some only nurse a couple of times a day. Mine happens to nurse 4-5 times a day, but on occasion he wants to nurse every hour and when we're out and about he may only nurse 3 times a day. He also eats 3 good meals a day but nurses beforehand. Sounds like you're doing a good job.
Yep. Just go with the flow. Unless night waking becomes an issue - sometimes when babes are so "busy" they don't nurse as much as usual during the day, they will wake in the night to get their fill. If that happens, you just need to reel her in every now and again to nurse while she is busy playing.
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