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Last Tuesday, June 22 my beautiful baby turned a year old. He's currently nursing himself to sleep and I couldn't be happier. I knew from the moment I found out that I was pregnant that he would nurse for at least 2 years just like his big brother. My dh wasn't thrilled about the idea and just 2 months ago suggested that I'd be weaning at his 1st bday. Lately he's come around to the idea that there is nothing wrong with EBF.
I'm so proud to be here since he didn't nurse much at all during his first 5 weeks (8week preemie) and I was told that he would never latch on properly and that I should just give up. Here he is, beautiful, big and healthy and hasn't had a single bottle since the moment that he figured out how to latch.

A year from now, when I'm saying, once again "at least another year", I'll really feel like I belong in the EBF forum
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