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1 year old veggie b-day needs help

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hey mammas I am planning a party, a swimming and bbq party for my 1 year old in july ( 9th) and I need some meals..I am tired of giving in and having meat my whole family is veggie and I want to make all veggie food....I need some advice we have a any advice......
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All kinds of veggies grilled are great! Just do that or maybe the foil packets with veggies and spices.

Oh! And I love grilled pineapple. Cut into slices and cover in melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.
Barbecue corn on the cob

Barbecue shish kebobs with veggies and maybe some tofu in there.

Fruit skewers or fruit salad (not on the barbie)

potato salad, cole slaw, bbq baked beans, potato chips

Tofu dogs, veggie burgers, with all the trimmings.

For my son's first birthday I made a vegan carrot cake for him. For everyone else I made a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake (also vegan). I just had healthy chips and dips and fruit and veggie trays.
You could marinade some tofu overnight in sweet and sour sauce and throw it on the barbecue.
Vegan potato salad (I have a really good "recipe" for this.)
Grilled artichokes (steamed first) with brie, guyere and shallot fondue. I haven't tried grilled artichokes with the fondue, but doesn't that sound amazing?)
Grilled winter squash stuffed with some simple rice pilaf
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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