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se come out to the 10/27 Chandler City Council meeting where the proposed Breastfeeding Ordinance is up for discussion and vote. There are 2 proposals up for consideration. One says breastfeeding is permitted anywhere in the city, public or private. The other says the same thing, but has a clause that says that private businesses can make their own rules. Obviously, we want private property covered as well.<br><br>
They have been trying to drag this out, hoping we will go away. Please pack up the kids, significant others, and bring your friends to the council meeting. We need to let them know this matters and that we aren't going to let this die.<br><br>
The mayor (Boyd Dunn) and a councilman (Bob Caccamo) are up for re-election next year. The mayor's opponent supports BF rights, but the mayor has been noticeably silent on this issue. We need to remind him that breastfeeding families vote, too!!!<br><br>
It is next Thursday, October 27,2005 at 7:00 pm. The Council Chambers are in the downtown public library, 2nd floor. The library is 22 Delaware St, roughly at Arizona and Chandler Blvd.<br><br>
Even if you don't want to speak, fill out a card saying you support breastfeeding in public and private places. If you can't be there in person please email them at Mayor&[email protected]<br><br>
Thanks, Mamas!!!
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