birth_susan_singerSponsored by Birth Affirmations author Susan Singer

Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful little book from Susan Singer, Birth Affirmations, and felt immediately that every mama could benefit from having these simple, honest phrases at her fingertips before, during and after birth.

Despite the seeming simplicity of birth affirmations, they are a surprisingly powerful tool for pregnant, birthing and new moms. Reading or chanting these short mantras when you feel fearful or doubtful is a light form of meditation that is easily done anywhere. The affirmations Singer supplies are easy to remember and will help any mama find calm and strength when she needs it the most.

In addition, the book is filled with gorgeous, unique illustrations of mothers and babies, created by Singer herself. These drawings add a special depth to the messages and make this book of affirmations truly one of a kind.

Here's a short quote and 10 affirmations from this delightful book. Find many more affirmations and gorgeous illustrations in the book itself.

Whether you have your baby in the hospital, in a birthing center, at home, or elsewhere, you have the right to choose how you want to birth. May these words help you envision and create the birth that is right for you and all involved.

During Birth

My pregnant body is strong and powerful and perfect for birthing my baby.

Emotions come and go like the tide. I can ride the waves. I will not drown.

It is safe and joyful to surrender to my birthing energy.

I have all the energy and stamina I need to birth my baby.

birth_susan_singerAfter Birth

Taking care of myself is the best way to care for my baby.

It's OK to say NO to visitors. It's OK to say YES to visitors.

It's not possible to hold my baby too much.

I nurse my baby like billions of women before me.


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Illustrations by Susan Singer