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<p>So, Jareth has decided that biting Momma is FUN! I happen to disagree. He very rarely if ever bites anyone else. Both Grandma's have been bitten once and a stern "No, that hurts Grandma" has stopped him from ever doing it again. Daddy stopped him from biting with saying "No" a couple times. Guess what happens when I tell him no? He <em>Laughs</em>. And I'm not talking a little grin or even a chuckle. His nose scrunches up and half the time he leans his little head back and he LAUGHS. Oh my goodness, it drives me batty. He's bruised my arm where he's bitten me several times. It was something that just happened once or twice, but now it is becoming a daily thing. Here is what I have tried so far:</p>
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<p>Saying No and putting him down on the floor.</p>
<p>Saying No, that hurts Mommy and looking very sad.</p>
<p>Screaming in pain (couldn't help it - his little fangs are sharp!)</p>
<p>Yelling No quite loudly.</p>
<p>Saying nothing and putting him down</p>
<p>Rolling over (if in bed) or walking away from him, with and without a No</p>
<p>Spanking him - not hard, but just a little firm butt tap. It made me feel like absolute crap and still didn't work.</p>
<p>Giving him a toy or something that he is allowed to bite on</p>
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<p>Nothing has worked and it is driving me batty. I simply don't know what to do. Any advice, ladies?</p>
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<p>THANK YOU!!! :)</p>
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