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My baby was 5 pounds at birth. He began gaining ALOT, a pound a week at the beginning, then about a pound a month, then it setttled into abought half pound a month. 4 weeks ago we noticed he went from 18 pounds to 17lb, 5 oz. We brought him back for a weight check today and he is down to 16lb, 10 oz.

He HAS begun crawling in the last month which could explain it, though his ped, and a specialist in her office both insist he should not be losing this much (in fact the "specialist" insists they don't lose any when becoming mobile...) In any event, they are spouting off all the horrible things that could be wrong and took his blood and urine today. They have me really worried.

He is nursing 6-8 times a day including once at night and eating 3 meals a day consisting of fruits, veggies or a little bit of meat.

Unrelated: he doesn't sit unassisted, another thing they are panicking over.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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