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Is is possible for teething to create gassy babies? My son is 10 months and suddenly very gassy. He wakes up crying and usually won't calm unless he gets a tummy massage to help him pass all the gas. It's like colic all over again, just not lasting all night like it did when he was younger.<br><br>
I know he's been working on a few bottom teeth. He usually wants his pacy more at night during teething, but doesn't use it when awake. I have started giving him off brand motrin at night because he teeths the worst at night, but the gas started before I did that and I generally don't do it every night or even at the start unless he's waking a lot and can't sleep because he wants to chew on things (he has 2 different cries, teething is fussy and can't stay still and chewing. While the gassy is screaming).<br><br>
We haven't introduced any new foods recently outside of cherries on Saturday. I took oats back out of his diet in case it was that and he hasn't had any beans in a month or broccoli. We eat gluten free because I can't tolerate gluten and the few times we offered him some he got gassy and constipated. We use the same GF bread mix we have since he was 8 months but recently mixed some molasses into the mix last month to make it look like whole wheat bread. I did catch him eating cat food (has wheat) yesterday, but that was the first time and it was removed (however, he was more gassy last night, but he was also eating bubbles from his bath).<br><br>
Really, I have no idea what's causing this unless it's his groan type grunts he does when he's about to throw a tantrum (it sounds like he's trying to push out a constipated stool when he does that. So annoying). We don't breastfeed and he's been on the same formula since he was 2 months, Similac Sensitive.<br><br>
Any ideas? It's really becoming a problem because it's waking him at night and making him restless leading me to not get much sleep and over analyze his diet.
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