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10 pees in an hour?

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Ok maybe that is an exaggeration. We are really getting really good at the poops but the pees are just ridiculous! There are so many! He is 10 weeks now, will the sheer number of times I am in the bathroom with him lighten up?

On a good day I catch the majority of them but between the times I miss and the times I catch and the times I am wrong I feel like I can't get anything else done.

Any advice or comment?
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well you may not think this is a particularlyimaginative answer, but i honestly think the phase will pass as he learns more about what is going on. i know that diapered babies sometimes interrupt mid-pee because the sensation of wetness discourages them but i haven't heard of hte same pattern in a potty-going baby but hey 10 weeks is still quite young. i dont know when you started and how long you've observed this pattern, of course.

only advice is, relax, dont count misses, try to waterproof stuff if that helps you calm down, etc.
OMG I had the same thing when dd was 8-10 weeks. My arms were going to fall off with the number of times I held her over the bowl in the beginning. Whoever came up with 8-10 wet diapers a day is seriously demented. Or just stupid. Dd peed/pooped 25+ times a day. Now that she is 3 1/2 mo she doesn't go near as often--I'm still trying to adjust because now she goes even less than last week.

People say babywearing saved their lives and that they carry their babies all day long, but when we started out, I spent most of my time in the bathroom. In/out/in/out of the sling every 10 min, seriously. I wonder how I will handle EC for our second one (when we have one) because I really hate diapers now, but don't think I will have the time to take him/her all the time.

Sorry, guess that was no help at all.
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They're small with small bladders... but they do pee less often as they get older. Just when you figure out the timing, it'll change. We started at 6 months, and dd peed about every hour. Now she's almost 11 months and she'll pee every 2-3 hours, and can hold it at night for about 8 hours. If I miss every pee, I still only change 4-6 times a day now.

I think people who say change 8-10 times a day don't really know how often newborns/young babies really pee. I thought it was closer to 12-15 times myself.
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