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10 reasons why I need to have this baby... ;)

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Disclaimer: I'm really not that uncomfortable right now... and this is mostly in jest.. but I'm bored and wasting time..

1. I have gained NO WEIGHT. Good thing, right? Yeah.. except last night I ate the whole (small, but still) bag of sour Jelly Bellys that my mom got for me. I don't really NEED to.

2. I just had a cream cheese danish that I got at the coffee shop. Seriously. It kind of grossed me out (because it's So Very Bad), yet tasted delicious.

3. My kids ask me if they can have Valentine's candy MIL sent home.. and cookies they baked with my mom yesterday.... I can't really be bothered to enforce saying, "No".. so I said, "Fine.."

4. BIL/SIL gave dh and I a 3-month subscription to Netflix. Um, the 'direct to your computer' option has been utilized by my kids Way Too Much.

5. I'm tired of shovelling the snow and am pretty sure that a newborn will keep me from it more than pregnancy seems (NOT) to.

6. I have a new camera! A Nikon d3000! I want to fill up my disk with yummy baby pictures!!!!!

7. I feel like I just NEED to know the name of this baby! But I know I won't find out until he/she is born and I can look over this kid.... THEN I can know! So.. hurry up! I want to meet you!!

8. The girls are SOOOOOO excited about this baby and they're getting quite anxious to meet him/her! They're driving ME batty asking when this baby will come out

9. I really want a delicious glass of pinot noir. Call me a lush, I don't care

10. I'm excited to get on with my first birth outside of a hospital setting!
This is going to be amazing!! I can't wait!!


oh.. and I could put another:

11. I need to stop sitting at the computer and wasting time. At least I have more of an excuse with a newborn... and nursing... but now? Um... I'm just being lazy
... and making up silly lists that have no rhyme or reason to anything and really add nothing... but make me laugh...
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Nice list! I'd have the pinot noir now, but that's just me. It's a nice treat to look forward to though, if you wait!
Yeah... I'll definitely get more done when the bowling ball *ahem* baby is out of my darn pelvis.
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