1. Your feet may get a half shoe size bigger
, and stay that way.

2. If you travel on an airplane, your husband's ankles may get swollen during the flight. That's what happened to my friend Emily and her husband when they took a trip during her third trimester.

3. Your hair might fall out, like my friend Annette's did. She thought she had a terminal disease but actually she was pregnant.

4. Or your hair might get thick and shiny and gorgeous. But it's not yours. Once the baby comes you will start losing it in clumps.

5. You may not have any of those vivid Technicolor pregnancy dreams everyone tells you about.

6. You may get "morning sickness" in the afternoons and evenings and feel perfectly fine in the mornings.

7. Turning from side to side in bed becomes a Herculean task. Think: beetle stuck on its back, legs flailing in the air.

8. You will love your pregnancy body pillow more than your husband.

9. A lot of people won't even notice you are pregnant, even if you're as big as a brick house. "I just thought you'd been putting on weight, like I have," Perii at the library said to me. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was lecturing in front of 40 students three times a week. Though I was eight months along when the semester ended, more than half of them had no idea I was pregnant.

10. Your baby will not come when you think it will or want it to. It will come when you're least expecting it. I expected to be two weeks past the due date with my first. Instead I was two weeks early.

What surprised you about being pregnant? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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