develop a child's intution

Though we all have it, children are especially gifted with an inner-knowing that guides them. Whether you call this intuition, energy, vibes, spirit, gut-feelings, inner-guide, or simply wisdom, the ability to feel and use it can be cultivated.

Here are some ways to help your children trust their personal inner guide:

1. Talk about it. Children are born feeling these stirrings, and if we never name them, they begin to ignore them

2. Ask your child to tell you when he gets good or bad vibes. Respect that your children vibrate on a different level than you do - they may feel bad energy that you may not feel.

3. Live in the now, with your children. The younger we are, the more we live in the moment. An infant considers neither the past nor the future. There is only now. Living now brings awareness of our inner feelings.

4. Allow your children to express anger and frustration. Do not censor or interrupt them as long as they are doing it respectfully. You don't have to allow insult or screaming (which builds toxic energy), but acknowledge that they have true feelings and that communicating is healthy. Being listened to and respected is a form of protection.

5. When you are stressed or experiencing tumultuous energy yourself, talk to your children about it. Just because you don't tell them doesn't mean they don't feel it. Explaining that you're having a personal journey lets them know they are not the problem and gives them permission to have inner turmoil as well.

6. Sit with a child and give her your full attention. Try to feel her energy, her hopes, fears, and vibration. Breathe with her and look into her eyes if that happens. Do not impose your thoughts or wishes. Send love energy to her. Get to know who your child is.

7. Remember that we sometimes absorb toxic energy all day and then spew it out at home where it is safe. Help your children to understand that that is what is happening.

8. When a child is hurt or sad, ask tactile questions about the feeling. Where in your body is it? What color is it? How heavy is it? Can you ask the sadness what it wants? Send love and healing to it by placing your hands on the spot or kissing it.

9. Play: "I wonder." Who do you think is on the phone? Use your feeling brain or your body, not your thinking brain. Will dad be home when we get there? Do you feel like the library is busy today?

10. Develop a wordless form of communication with your children. This way they can tell you about what their inner-guide is saying. Maybe they will squeeze your hand once for good vibes, twice for unsettling vibes, and three times for 'bad vibes get me out of here.'

Photo credit: Amy Riddle via Flickr CC