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10 weeks pregnant, upset tummy (Poss TMI)

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I've been running to the bathroom with the runs since the am, and had to poop and puke at the same time
YUCK! I am trying to keep hydrated... when do I start being concerned?
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Sounds like you have a tummy bug. Won't bother the baby as from my experience. I would not worry about that.

You won't dehydrate that easily. Drink more water if you can keep it down. There's lots of water in your body though.

You'll get better as soon as it's out of your body again. It is probably very miserable. Sending you
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Thank you for the support! I just went to bed without trying to force anything else down and managed to get some sleep, I feel tons better already this morning! Phew.
At the first sign of a stomach virus, if you start taking probiotics every hour until the symptoms resolve, you can usually get over even the nastiest of stomach bugs within 24 hours. Then just take the recommended dose of the probiotic for atleast a week.

Glad to hear you're feeling better!! Keep hydrated and rest as much as possible.
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