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1000 minute goal for January

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So, how's it going?!?!

I took the dog for a long, brisk walk, so for this month I'm starting off at 60 minutes.

Anyone else out there today, breaking a sweat?
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So far, I got in 20 minutes of yoga this morning.

Thanks for starting out this month's thread lorijds!
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dh and i went for a 65 minute walk today. not a bad way to start the year!
I walk/ran for 20 minutes yesterday. I hope to get in 40-45 minutes today, will update!
Been doing pilates and WATP and Im up to 112/1000
Okay, girls, I'm trying to keep up with you!

Another brisk walk with the dog plus some weights, sit ups and stretches gave me 80 minutes today, so that makes for a total of 140/1000. Not a bad start. I just need to finish....
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785mins so far! 215 to go ....
Hooray for all of you! I'm jealous of those of you who can just get out & walk. We live in a place where it's way too cold & not so safe. I'm planning to drive to some park with DD on warmer days where we can go walking. (And I'm begging for a backpack carrier to carry her when she gets tired!

I got 25 minutes today.

Total: 65
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45 today! that makes 65/1000
I'm tired of looking at my fat butt so at 8 weeks post partum it's time!!!
10 min walk this afternoon and 30 min of an exercise video and we're off to a good start

Anyone else loosing baby fat? :LOL aren't we all...
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45 minutes yesterday and 30 minutes today for a total of 75 for the month

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okay.. my new years resolution was to do the 1000 thing, so far I have, um, zero.. but thanks for kicking me in the butt mommas!
I'm thinking about making up a wall chart for this so that i can get a visual reminder to exercise and so that i can see how much progress i've made so far this month. Has anyone does this? And any easy, visually pleasing ideas for a chart?

i'm at 50 minutes so far...30 min's brisk walking on hills, and 20 min pm yoga video.

ps, does anyone else count vigourous(sp?) housecleaning as exercise?
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Wow! It's fun to see so many people here!!

I don't have a good idea for a visual chart, but I picked up the latest issue of the Yoga Journal & they had an idea to get a string of beads (similar to a rosary - maybe just a bead necklace) to remind you of your New Year's resolutions. Then you can finger the beads & repeat your resolution (or some special phrase or just breathe) until you feel your resolve return. I thought about making a string of beads for myself. They wouldn't help you chart your progress, but they would be a good reminder.

I bellydanced for 40 minutes today!!

total: 105
I'm doing this challenge too
I made up a really cool excel chart to track my progress
(I was a planning analyst, so Im a dork
) If anyone wants it, PM me with your email addy. Anyway, I am recording my minutes here, at the Aussie forum I frequent, in the excel doco and in my paper diary LOL I am hoping all this accountability and support will keep me on track. I want to lose 16 kilos by April.

Here's my mins so far
1st 44
2nd 74
3rd 43
4th 41
total : 202
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a 45 minute hike today for a month total of 120 minutes
alriiight! got another walk in today - 60 minutes! that puts me at ...ummm, 125 minutes!

keep it up ladies!
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