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1000 Tooth Thoughts!

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Since 900 of my 1000 posts are probably here on dental
I thought I'd start my party here!!!!!
I came to MDC via this Dental Forum and now I'm celebrating with all of you mamas who have btdt or are going thru your dental journies.
Blessings and a million thanks to the Queen of all Dentists!
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OMG, ISA!!!!!

I am honored to be the first on MDC to salute you! Congratulations! Wow, how cool is that!!!

(what's your senior name gonna be? huh? huh?


And a huge
for all you've done. You rock, Malamamama! You've been here through thick and thin, through
and through :
: and your patience is unlimited.

Congratulations! And Dental is, after all, the COOL board ....

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Well let me congratulate you and thank you at the same time. Woman, you are a wealth of knowledge and experience combined.
COngratulations to you!!!

I'd offer up a jigger of novacaine if I had one
can't think what offering would be appropraite for the occasion LOL
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You, dear Isa, are awesome. It's hard to imagine how many people you have helped, and how much. I know I couldn't do it ~ not like you have and keep doing it.

Tea tree oil shooters anyone?
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Your senior name should be "Dental Queen" :LOL

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Oh no! I can't be the dental queen! That's Smile's role, title and honor!!!!
I just pass on all that she has taught me here!

And Simonee! everytime I read your posts, it is I who am in awe of your knowledge! It definitely takes us all to keep things rolling.

I do admit tho, lately I haven't had a lot of energy to share here, but I still read. There's always a wonderful mama to step up to the plate

Forget the rest, bring on the Mai Tai's! They must be the sweetest drink out there! We just have to brush our teeth later!
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Hooray for you!

I have to say that you have been so supportive to me, and I'm sure to so many others.
Thanks for all your help and the time you've invested here!

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hmmm.....a senior name....???....Slightly Crunchy....thank you for steppin' up !!!!
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