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101 for Family Cloth?

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I'm pretty new to these boards & am loving all the great topics & ideas! Is there a previous discussion/sticky on family cloth how-to? I caught a couple of the recent posts, but was wondering if someone could go over a step-by-step, if that doesn't sound too weird. When I mentioned the idea to my dh and 12 yo dd, they both frowned and said ewww; however, the idea intrigues me from an enviro/frugal way. I saw the great pics of some of the gals' set-ups. Do you soak the poopy cloths & if so, in what (baking soda & vinegar?)?
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you can run an advanced search to see old threads.

In re: the poopy ones, you can buy a mini-shower to spray them off with and put them in the same tub you put the wet ones.

It's been so easy to switch for us because we're already established w/cloth diapers. And it was free, I used all scraps.

I made about 12 two-layer flannel wipes for my #2's, and 12 squares of old corduroy for dh's #2's (lol) and about 30- 8" x 8" squares out of old t-shirts for #1's. We have an old kitty litter container w/flip top lid next to the toilet w/the mini-shower for dd's poopy diapers & our wipes & that is a designated #2 potty
... and we bought a little step pedal can w/plastic liner (this was our only expense) for our other bathroom.

I'm so happy with our system, now I'm even thinking of taking the plunge when we go camping/traveling. I'm spoiled on cloth, it just feels so much better!
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What is a mini shower --does it hook up to the sink or is it attached to the toliet? Sorry if this is a dumb question. With your cloth diapers, do you throw them in a pail that has a vinegar/baking soda solution of some sort?
I am no expert, but use family cloth exclusively here. Even guests
I started with dd's old wipes from when she was still in cloth diapers (she is potty leanred now). We only had about 36 which was not enough as dd and I both like to use multiple wipes each time. So I made more. We had some old flannel double sheet sets that were no longer being used. That is what I made her original wipes out of and I added more to those. They are double thick 10x10 inch wipes. If you do not have anything that you could use already, I suggest visiting you local Goodwill and pick up sheets there. They always have a lot of mismatched flannel sheet stes here.

I put a stack in each bathroom. On the back of the toilet. One of our bathrooms doubles as a laundry room which is very handy. In that room, the used wipes go directly into the washer. In the other bathroom, I have a small flip-top pail that I have an old pillowcase in as a "liner". We do not rinse anything. Everything just goes in dry. Every 4 days or so, I collect the pillow case and add it to what is in the washer. I run them all on a small cold rinse cycle with a very small amount of detergent and TTO. Then I add any whites I have around the house to make a full load and do a normal wash.

We are not squeemish around here and I am not worried about mixing loads. I figure any bacteria that makes it through the washer gets either cooked in the dryer or cooked by UV rays. It is very easy and since we mix loads, I do not feel like I am spending more on extra laundry loads than I would on TP. I did make a point to use dark colored sheets so staining is not an issue. I have no problems with stains, but I do not want to gross out the guests......
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What is TTO? I really like your idea of using a pillowcase as a liner --thanks!

Not too sound too graphic
but, what do you do about the people in the family who have sticky #2 --do you somehow rinse it with a squirt bottle with something? What about the odor if only washing every 4 days? (Sorry about the *graphic* content.
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TTO - Tea tree oil

We do have the occasional sticky poo but have never had a stink problem. It usually sort if dries up and does not really stink.... Yuck. Anyway, no we do not rinse. That is what the short washer rinse is for. If we ever did have a stick issue, I would drip a few drops of TTO in the bin. That took care of all of the diaper stink and we only washed thos every 4 days too....
We just have one bathroom....we keep our cloth behind the toilet too, in this thingie that fits over the toilet like a flower box looking thing but not a flower box...anyway, we just throw them in the flip top can dry too and we do what yooper does too, line it with a pillow case. On laundry day (we don't have a washer/dryer) we just pull out the pillowcase and hubby (who usually does the laundry, bless him lol) usually washes that load separate in hot water (it is usually enough for a small loader at the laundrymat)...

We have never had a problem with smell at all, only occasionally when the flip top on the can flips down you might get a nice waft ...LOL but that is easily taken care of with sprinkling some baking soda with tea trea oil mixed in over them...we usually never smell it at all though.
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Here's a mini-shower. It has come in really handy, lol.

I don't put vinegar/bs in the diaper pail.

I like the pillowcase idea, too!! Going to make the switch next time I empty my pail.
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