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11 weeks and I'm HUGE.. is this normal?

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This is my second baby. With my first, I wore normal clothes.. button jeans etc.. until I was about six months.. after that I got bigger pretty quickly but had a small baby and never did get really big and had her early.. small baby.

Now, I'm only 11 weeks, and jeans that were a size too big (I lost some weight in the year before getting pregnant so all my clothes were big on me) a month ago I can't even get on now! The thing is.. I haven't gained anything yet. Not a pound. I'm just big through the middle. It's really freaking me out. I'm down to wearing my husbands boxers because of the elastic and the couple pair of workout pants I have and a skirt that is really stretchy. I DON"T want to buy maternity clothes at 12 weeks.. how embarassing! I'll be trying them on next to women that are 6 months along.

Is it normal to be this big this early with no weight gain? I had an u/s at 6 weeks but it was so early it didn't show much but a little dot.

I would love to hear from someone else who has been here.. it would be so reassuring.

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With my second, I didnt go through clothes quite as quickly as youre talking about doing, but with my third, I went from a size 8, up thru 10, 12, and 14 all within the first 9 weeks of my pregnancy. I think some women will experience that with their second, and then also with subsequent children.

All with no weight gain.

I went thru all my sizes I just mentioned while losing 6 lbs.
Very OB said that a woman getting pregnant after the first time will typically get larger faster then the first time. The uterus knows what to do this time around and will just start getting bigger! I know I was surprised at how big I got this time around and how quickly. I gained 12 pounds with DD#1 and actually lost weight the first trimester. This time I didn't lose any, and I've gained 14 pounds (at 30 weeks now). I feel like I'm close to what I was when DD#1 was born "girth-wise". But I had my 30 week appointment this am and the OB said I was measuring fine.

I go and get a few basics of clothing to wear until you can start wearing maternity clothing comfortably. I did the rubber band trick on my pants until that stopped working, and then did clothing in a size up until I broke down and put on my maternity stuff. And even at that point some stuff fit and others were too big.

Hang in there!

this is happening to me too--i've decided it's normal, lol.

I've only gained something like 6 lbs at 20 weeks, and i look like im at 40 weeks. This is baby #3, but #2 was the same way. i was in maternity clothes at 6 weeks, lol.
Very common. organs shift, bloating happens, hips widen. I had to tell everyone I was pg around 12 weeks because I couldn't hide it. When I told my mother she commented that she thought I looked pg! Of course this is #6 for me. When I was pg with #2 I was HUGE. My belly was so big when I laid on my side the cat had enough room to actually sleep on my belly! I have never gotten that big again and she only weighed 8lbs 8 oz. So not a giant baby and I did have a lot of water but not polyhydrominos. Go figure. Funny how each one is so different.

im 17 weeks and as big as i was with my first when i was 7 months :LOL its just happened recently, in the last week or so.. i just popped i guess.. i havnt gained any weight either, but i didnt with my son and i was 15-20 lbs lighter after he was born
im not skinny so it didnt matter and i ate well and he was healthy. i was shocked at how my belly is growing though with this one
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yup, same here. my midwife says it's the abs loosening up earlier than they did first time around - they've already been stretched and know what to do. My stomach is certainly larger, but my uterus is certainly not accounting for most of it - but the loose abs at the top of my stomach are a big contributor. I am certainly fully in maternity clothes at 18 weeks this time (4 1/2 months).
Oh dear I hate to see what I'm going to be like w/ my 2nd!! Here I am with my first and I was completely out of my pre-pregnancy stretchy jeans by about 13 weeks, and at the time I had lost about 10 lbs. I could wear normal shirts until about 20ish weeks, though.

I went shopping for maternity clothes at about 10 weeks, but only because it was my birthday and my mom was buying me stuff
But at the store they had the little belly you strap on so you can see how stuff will fit later and I didn't feel at all out of place - I was definitely not the only gal in the store who was not "showing."

Now at almost 28 weeks I've gained about 5-7 lbs total, but I've actually outgrown about half of my maternity clothes!
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I was into maternity clothes at 9 weeks with my 2nd. Normal!
I'm going through the exact same thing, so don't fret!
My second baby, huge at 12 weeks, ultrasound showed a little dot... etc, etc. Hugs!
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Me too. Don't worry, you're not freakish tippytoes! :LOL I wore all my normal jeans & clothes until I was 20some weeks with my 1st. Then I was shocked when I started showing at 8 weeks with my 2nd, & was totally in maternity clothes at 12 weeks. This time, my 3rd, I was in maternity clothes by 6 weeks! My belly was HUGE soo soon, I was shocked again.

I conceive so very quickly as well. I joked with dp that if we ever decide to have one more, I might as well just go put on some maternity pants as soon as we're done with the conversation because I'm probably gonna get knocked up that very night & be huge the next day. Haha!
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