Here are some Youtube channels that are totally kid-safe.
Even with supervision, parental controls, and use of the Youtube Kids app, it can still be difficult to find wholesome kid-appropriate content on Youtube.

Youtube is like the Wild West of the Internet: chockfull of opportunities and entertainment but with danger lurking around every corner. Okay maybe not every corner, but if you've ever flung yourself across the room to wrestle a tablet suddenly playing a video that's definitely not for kids, then you know it sure as heck feels that way. And though setting restrictions on content is important, finding the right kid-friendly channels on Youtube is still a challenge.

Here are some Youtube channels that are totally kid-safe, content-appropriate, and high-quality, and just might save you from a panic-induced lunging injury:

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1. How To Cake It

This very popular channel of baking tutorials features creative and unique cakes you can (theoretically) make at home. The host is bubbly and fun, the cakes are amazing and the content is never questionable, just cool cakes and good fun.

2. SmartGirls

The SmartGirls organization was founded by actor Amy Poehler and producer Meredith Walker and focuses on "helping young people cultivate their authentic selves." The empowering and inspiring videos range from interviews with inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists, to DIY tutorials and features on young people who are making a difference in their communities.

3. 5-minute Crafts KIDS

Featuring quick crafts that kids can do themselves or with a little help from parents, the channel also has videos for parents like quick and easy hairstyles, science projects, or fun fine motor skill activities for young kids.

4. Eat Happy Project

Sponsored by Tesco, the Eat Happy Project aims to encourage healthy eating habits in kids, with cute and engaging videos about what to eat and why, as well as showing kids where their food comes from and the science behind nutrition.

5. TMBG Kids

They Might Be Giants is an adult band who has put out several children's albums. Catchy and clever without being corny, No!, Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s, and Here Comes Science are favorites in our house. And their Youtube channel has kid-friendly music videos for many of the songs. I guarantee you'll be humming along.

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6. Storybooth

Probably best suited for older kids or teens, Storybooth uses animated videos to talk about real kid's real-life problems. The relatable videos are of silly or embarrassing stories like a bathing suit fail, and some are about very heavy topics like dealing with abuse. The stories all let kids know they aren't alone, and it also helps them relate to others who are different.

7. DreamworksTV

With tons of peppy, upbeat videos DreamWorksTV has wholesome content for days: life hacks for kids, crafting DIYs, science DIYs. cartoons, magic tricks, and cute animal videos. And that's just to start.

8. DanTDM

If your kids like gaming videos but you worry about who is hosting them (and rightfully so) DanTDM is a safe bet. Funny, positive, and curse-word free, he also plays kid-friendly games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Tomodachi Life.

9. The Dodo

You've probably seen these heartwarming animal videos shared on Facebook, but their Youtube channel is also great for kids. For everyone "who loves animals and cares about their well-being" the content often features rescues and special-needs animals. Good, clean, adorable fun, though occasionally the videos use footage of abused or neglected dogs that might be upsetting to some kids.

10. Sick Science!

The Youtube channel for celebrity science teacher Steve Spangler, Sick Science shows the steps for cool science experiments that kids can do at home.

11. Nerdy Nummies

Host Rosanna Pansino creates video game and pop-culture themed treats in videos that are sweet, upbeat, and kid-friendly. Though sometimes a bit heavy on the promo, the tutorials are actually easy to follow, we've successfully made a few of her treats at home after my kids were inspired to give them a try.

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