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11yo dss bullies the cats Is it normal behavior?

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Should I be worried???

I have been concerned that my dss is mean to my cats. I tried bringing up the subject with dh but he just does not want to hear anything that has to do with the kid. I overheard dh telling him not to scare the cats because the were mine. It made me really angry to have heard that comment, mainly because in my opinion dss should not scare the cats out of respect for other creatures, period
I do not know what will happen once he moves in with us. dd who is only 9 months old is a bit of a 'spirited" child and her crying can get really annoying.

dss has already dug his finger nails against my niece's arm, just because she did not want to play with him.

i would have expected this kind of behaviour from a 6 year old not from an 11 yo.
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yes. Be worried. Be very worried.

Cruelty to animals can be just the start of cruelty to others. You're going to need to cut it at the quick and quite probably get him some councelling!
Mean how? There's quite a continuum between, say, making loud noises to see them jump, and torturing them.

In any case, though, although you didn't offer much detail, it sounds like a turbulent time in his life - you mention he will be moving in with you, and that he has a new, perhaps somewhat trying half-sibling. Children tend to really benefit from some good counselling when they go through life changes like that. It sounds like overall he is definitely showing some aggression, and maybe it's a reaction.

You don't mention how his relationship is with you overall, but I agree that not hurting cats 'because' they belong to your step-mom is a pretty loaded way to deal with the situation, and may backfire.
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