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Charlie had his 12 month WBV today (3 weeks early) with a new pediatrician.
Our old pediatrician lef the practice, so we went to a whole other office within the same practice since we didn't like the other doctor at the old office. Make sense so far?

We had it narrowed down to this new office/same practice and an entirely new practice. What we thought we would do is a visit here this month, change his PCP for next month and have a visit with that doctor, and then decide and either change back to the other doctor come September or stay with the new one.

So we've met 2 doctors from St. Pete Peds (our current practice) and 2 docs/1 NP from the other practice. The other practice told us they would try to chance our minds about vaccinating him, but if we were confident that we didn't want it, they would let it go. Okay...

Doctor 1 from St. Pete Peds we met (just a meet and greet) last week. When vaccines came up, he shrugged and said "Your choice." We thought that was a decent response.
Today for hiw WBV we saw Doctor 2 from SPP. She asked if he had had any shots, we said no. She asked if we planned on giving him any, Jean said probably when he was 2 or so (which I am thrilled about since she has been insisting forever that he WOULD get them at 12 months). The conversation then went as follows-

Doctor- Do you feel you have all the information you need to make this decision?
Us- Yes
D- Is there anything you wish to ask me about vaccine preventable illness or vaccine risk?
Us- No
D- Are you aware that you can split up vaccines (like DTaP, MMR, etc) into individual components if you decide to vaccinate?
Us- Yes
D- What are your main reasons for declining/delaying vaccines? (which I feel is a fair and responsible question to ask)
Us- Basically everything

D- Very well, that's settled! (she was smiling, not sarcastic or anything)

So I think that went well! I'm pleased that she understand and accepts that we have given this a lot of thought and decided not to vaccinate our son. She won't lecture us about it or try to persuade us. She is satisfied that we have made an informed decision and all is well. Yay!

I really like her

I am also thrilled because I had pretty much resigned myself to Charlie getting vaxes at his 12M WBV... but now I have until he's 2 to push it to 3!

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That's awesome! Sounds like a great ped. Wanted to make sure you were not "blindly" not vaccinating.

When a pa asked me what I wanted to know about vaccines and VPD's I was thinking to myself "no offense but I would guess I know a lot more than you" I just said no thank you.
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