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$12 ppd for 3 Hemp Baby Greens Contoured Dipes with Umbilical Cut-Out

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Purchased at Little Sprouts Diapers locally...

Contoured Diapers

Baby Greens™ Contoured Diapers are made from a luxurious blend of Hemp and unbleached cotton. They offer two layers of hemp/cotton fleece on one side, and two layers of hemp/cotton French terry on the other. Hemp is an ideal fiber for cloth diapers due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, assisting in the prevention of diaper rash. Due to their hourglass shape, these diapers require no folding, and the bellybutton cutout keeps the umbilical cord dry on newborns. Baby Greens Contoured Diapers come in one size and if used alone will fit babies from 5-10lbs. Later, the contours fit beautifully into Baby Greens™ Fitted Diapers for use as a doubler. Baby Greens™ are made in North Carolina by a work at home mom! Sold in bundles of three. Size Newborn only.

Baby Greens Contoured Diapers are backordered until November 3rd.

Bundle of 3 Newborn: $15.00
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Used for a month or so on my newborn...freshly boiled for you in case of any build-up. Great with a wrap cover or perfect for stuffing a small/med pocket dipe. Will sell for 12ppd!! PayPal preferred!
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12 ppd!!
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