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I don't think humliating him is the right way to go about solving the problem.

Recently I was cleaning the bathroom and leaned over the tub to turn on the water and smelled urine very very strongly, I looked around me and there were yellow spots ALL over the inside of the shower, walls, tub, faucet etc. I freaked the freak out and over reacted completley, but I was so darn surprised and upset to see that much urine.

My son admitted to having done it that morning, and I kept saying "why" and "what would make you do that" and "the toliet is right there, why did you do that" he just started crying and wouldn't answer me, I was very upset and probably handling the situation the wrong way, but I did make him clean it up. Gave him a sponge, some dr bronner in a bottle and told him to get busy.

After I calmed down and he was done cleaning, he told me that he didn't "mean" to do it, but his penis was "straight" and he couldn't make it pee in the toliet.

I was so embaressed for him, I didn't even THINK that could have been why he was doing that, I thought he was just being a naughty boy.

Of course I explained to him what was happening (actually we had talked about things before this, but it didn't hurt to repeat it) and everything was fine. But before that, I never even thought that an erection would be the reason why he couldn't or wouldn't pee in the toliet.

So maybe, just maybe its an issue he can't control but might be a lil too embaressed to tell you the real reason?
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